Hi, I'm Nicole.

I'm a connector and storyteller.

I work full-time at The New School, fundraising for the liberal arts college. In addition to bringing in donations from parents, the Board, and alumni, I also manage special projects.

On the side, I advise startups and nonprofits, helping founders tell their story, create a plan to achieve their goals, and bring in the funding they need for execution.


What I Do

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Strategy + Project Management

I collaborate with senior leadership to gain a deeper understanding of an organization, its priorities, and its context. I have a passion for cultivating audacious ideas and transforming them into concrete, actionable plans.

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I work with organizations to build relationships with partners and supporters, and to keep these stakeholders informed, engaged, and committed.

I'm interested in connecting the local and global.



I translate ideas and information. From grant proposals to web copy, I create targeted communications that tell a story. I've helped artists and organizations distill a clear identity, relay specific goals, and engage audiences in their work.


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